April 21st at 10:29am: Coronavirus Update #6 - YVL Season Officially Cancelled

As you may or may not have heard, the Archdiocese announced yesterday that schools are closed through Friday May 22nd. Given that Monday the 25th is a holiday, the earliest return to school date is now Tuesday May 26th. (For more information, see https://catholicschoolsny.org/covid-19/#updates). And, so I sadly regret to say that the volleyball season is now officially cancelled as any glimmer of hope for this season is now gone.

I wish there was some other option, but at this point, the safety and health of all the kids and families are obviously the primary concern. My hope is that by next January an effective plan will be in place by the government to allow us to start up again and return to a fun-filled season of volleyball.

March 12th at 2:51pm: Coronavirus Update #5 - Season Suspended Indefinitely

The Archdiocese of New York release a statement today (for more information, see https://catholicschoolsny.org/advocacy-services/corona-virus/) which stated in summary:

"The Archdiocese of New York will close all elementary schools in our system effective Monday, March 16 2020 until Friday March 20th, 2020, with the possibility of a lengthier closure. Additionally, after consultation with the leadership of the Catholic Youth Organizations and the Catholic High School Athletic Associations, all activities and all sporting events and practices have been cancelled indefinitely."

Following this statement, YVL will follow CYO... so effectively immediately, all games and practices are canceled indefinitely. Please keep the Board updated of your schools' individual situations as they change during this volatile period... by emailing both YVLBOD@youthvbleague.com and allisonalviggi@gmail.com. The Board will continue to monitor the Archdiocese and CYO and provide updates as the situation changes.

March 11th at 12:00pm: Coronavirus Update #4

Some people were confused about rescheduling mentioned in the prior update. So just to be clear....all games scheduled for March 11th through March 25th are cancelled and should be rescheduled. All coaches should work together asap and reschedule their games to be played on or after March 26th. Once a new date has been agreed upon, please let me know asap so I can start working on refs.

March 10th at 9:26pm: Coronavirus Update #3

The Board has met tonight (March 9th) and we have unanimously agreed to follow the Governor's lead. Effectively immediately, all games will be canceled through March 25th. All coaches are advised to reschedule their games on or after March 26th We are doing this purely as a precaution to help contain the virus. We know things will get worse before they get better so we are being proactive to help the situation. Practices may continue at your own school if you so choose... that is completely your decision. Please keep the Board updated of your schools' individual situations as they change during this 2 week containment period... by emailing both YVLBOD@youthvbleague.com and allisonalviggi@gmail.com. The Board will meet again on Monday March 23rd and review the situation to determine if any further action is needed. A further update will be provide the evening of March 23rd after the Board meets.

March 10th at 3:55pm: Coronavirus Update #2

Megan from Annunication sent an email to the league a few hours ago:

I realized last night we have 2 scarsdale middle school students playing for us. I notified our pastor, principal and cyo head and we have decided to cancel practices and games for this week for all our teams in an abundance of caution. While I am not an alarmist, I want everyone to know that the well being of all our kids is foremost and I want us and all our players and parents to feel at ease that we are trying to keep everyone well. We have games scheduled vs each other on Thurs/Fri and games away Sat & Sun vs Benedict's and Clare's. I will email those coaches now to start the rescheduling process.
So for any ref scheduled for those games, they are canceled... and a heads up to coaches about the reschedule.

March 9th at 10:24pm: Coronavirus Update #1

As many of you may already know, Annunciation school was closed today and remains closed tomorrow for a deep clean. There was NO reported case of any student in Annucation having the virus; however, an 8th grade boy with no siblings has been in contact with someone on his Scarsdale hockey team who has a confirmed case of the virus. As such, as about 8pm Sunday night, an email went out to all Annunciation parent and I have forwarded that email to you Annunciation has no home games this week (except for a game between their own teams) and one away game which has already been rescheduled. At this point, we don't see any reason for alarm... and we will keep you all posted as we know more

March 5th at 8:41am: Coronavirus Initial Communication

All coaches and refs need to make the following changes this season to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus:

  1. Stop the hand shaking of captains and team players... let's just verbally wish each other good luck/congrats before and after games
  2. A mandatory hand washing/santizing BEFORE each 25 points - refs to allow enough time before the games for players to wash/sanitize hands
  3. Coach MUST ensure players are healthy before entering that game and they have been IN SCHOOL that day
  4. Players should clearly identify their water bottles with names to ensure they are drinking their own
  5. Refs should use a clorox wipe to clean the GAME ball before every 25 points (the home school to provide wipes)
  6. Coaches should use a clorox wipes to clean practice balls on a weekly basis